Congo is a ring earrings. Their variations can be found in almost any country and any era. As a rule, the clasp in such earrings is a continuation of the arc, but it can be different. For example, when the ring is a pendant.

Variations of this type are Creole earrings in the form of a crescent (unclosed ring).

Chandeliers, or chandeliers, are earrings consisting of a central piece and many pendants. The name comes from the French word “chandelier” meaning “lamp” or “chandelier”. They appeared in the Baroque period with its pomp and decoration.

Girandoles or candelabras are earrings consisting of the central part and three volumetric pendants. The name comes from the French word “girandole” which means “candelabrum”, “candlestick”. Also appeared in the 18th century.

Pandole – earrings with a round base and a large drop-shaped pendant. They were often supplemented with a bow. They appeared in fashion in the 1770s. Nowadays the shape of pannock can mean any large drop earrings.

Poussettes, or carnations, are small earrings with a clasp with removable fasteners (twist or plug). The decorative part doesn’t usually extend beyond the earlobe. They were popular in the 19th century and came back in fashion after the decline in the first half of the 20th.

Jackets are earrings with double decorations. One part is slipped into the ear like a poulet, and the other more decorative part is attached to the other side of the lobe.

Climbers – the decorative part of these earrings goes from the lobe upwards. The clasp is threaded through the ear and fastened parallel to the decoration on the other side. Named because of the English word “climb”.

Tassel – earrings with tassel pendants. They can be made of textile, metal chains or other materials. As a rule, they are quite long.

Clusters – earrings, whose decor consists of several parts. For example, crystals. This type is very variable, because clusters can be also jackets or pusettes.

Cuffs are an unusual type of jewelry that may not require a piercing. They are worn on the auricle and are held by the shape or by a ring that clasps the cartilage. Minimalist kaffes may consist only of such a ring attachment. They are often worn one at a time.

Straps are earrings with chains. Can be of two types.

  • The first: the earring consists of two parts of the same or similar length.
  • The second type is made up of an ear-ring and an earring with a chain and a decorative pendant.

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